Une Amourette

Dark Soft Leather
Notes akigalawood incense iris neroli vanilla

Une Amourette is French for fling. The perfume is a union of a dense indolic floral theme and a recently developed perfume material called akigalawood (not a synthetic, but a fine fraction of patchouli oil, quite fascinatingly with mostly dry incensy nuances).  

This new perfume is a collaboration between ELdO, their muse for the formula (Roland Mouret, a couturier) and a nose (Daniela Andrier). ELdO often choose muses who are artists but in some very different field rather than perfume making. This way they introduce some novel vision and fresh ideas in terms of aesthetics.

Roland is a master of fabric textures, geometric play and distinct silhouette and designs very elegant pieces. Miss Moneypenny played by Naomie Harris in Skyfall was wearing quite a few dresses by Roland Mouret, sharp and feminine at the same time, bordering on femme fatale and extremely dry professional.  

Une Amourette, the perfume, has a uniform dark, dry woody character, with some ambery floral detail and elegant silhouette. Ruthless in its seductive appeal.  



Scent and chemistry on Roland Mouret – Une Amourette' (Etat Libre d'Orange, 2017) by Daniela Andrier […] exploring the sexuality and sensuality of a "feminine fragrance for men" with a black–red contrast of indole versus Akigalawood. A dirty black indolic jasmine floating on a spicy, peppery, balsamic incense–Akigalawood ocean. Completely in the white-floral and the Akigala trend; yet, as extreme as it can get.

Daniela Andrier also made Tardes (Carner), Prada’s Candy, and many more.

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