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This edit is showcasing the use of violets in perfumes.

It can be violet leaf absolute (still a natural material derived from the plant). Otherwise there are plenty of  violet flower aroma interpretations. The violet flower aroma in perfumery nowadays is predominantly a reconstruction, as enfleurage (when each blossom is picked by hand and put in a tray of fat to release its oils) is too labour intensive and prohibitively expensive to use. However, there are still some clever and delightful reproductions.

Putain des Palaces Etat Libre d'Orange For bon-bon violet flower interpretation try

Aleksandr Arquiste For violet leaf absolute try

A witty reference to a 19th century formula when dandies would use violet water (not cologne) to moisturize the skin. Violet leaf absolute smells green, leathery and a touch earthy on its own but in a formula can provide a perfect lasting shady background for lighter notes.

Latin Lover CARNER For violets bouquet aroma try

Nightingale Zoologist For violets bouquet aroma try

A subtle linear floral beading sweet flowers one by one: violets, plum blossom, rose and stitching them onto a sensual sandalwood-ambergis canvas.

802 Bon Parfumeur For violet leaf absolute try

Santal du Pacifique Extrait Perris Monte Carlo Surprisingly realistic violet bloom note

Violet Shot Olfactive Studio For violet leaf absolute try

Violet Shot is zooming in on the complex beauty of violet leaf and its leathery, sweet, powdery and earthy nuances. To highlight the earthiness perfumer used patchouli, sweet is enhanced with Madagascar vanilla and leathery vibes are supported by labdanum and safraleine.

Violette Molinard Vintage French