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Your idea + Our professional materials & assistance = Unique ready-to-wear perfume

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To book and pay for a session, please select an available slot in the calendar below, and then choose the number of participants.

We charge per formula design.

One-to-one session with one formula costs £290.

Two guests each mixing a perfume is £390.

Three guests with three formulas in one session is £510.

A one-to-one session takes approximately 2 hours. Allow more time for extra guests.

Your will receive an email confrmation of your booking. You will simply show on your phone when you arrive for your session.

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Bespoke FAQ

× Why would I mix a bespoke perfume?

Try bespoke if you are after a truly unique perfume ultimately tailored to your tastes and pleasant memories and a perfume no one else will have. Our method allows even a complete novice to build a professional grade perfume in about an hour. Customers pick the fragrant ingredients, range them from the most to least dominant and we then suggest best quantities. This way the formula turns out as tailored to customer’s preferences as possible but works as well as any commercial conventional perfume of the shelf.

Bespoke is the opposite of wearing a result of some focus group decisions (who often pick from a range of existing commercial options anyway) where perfume formulas are very generic and only the marketing effort differs. At our workshop you will see that we are not trying to offer you ready-made perfumes as bespoke only because we bottle them on the spot and put your name on the label (there’s a brand whose business model is just that). The magic will happen real-time in front of the customer.

× What if the formula I mix doesn’t work?

Technically the result of the workshop will always work as a perfume. Whether you get where you planned to in terms of the idea depends on how focused you are during the process (as you will need to pick the ingredients which will contribute to your idea). On our part we will not suggest incompatible ingredient and/or grotesque volumes (unless you decide to go very experimental and take the responsibility).

All the materials in your perfume will be selected by you yourself step by step; only those you like will go into your formula.

At the start of the workshop you will decide which fragrance family your perfume will belong to (for example, fruity floral or aromatic fresh, etc.) and the lab assistant will only offer ingredients that will work with one another and contribute to your original idea. The process will require some focus so that you stick to your idea and mix what you intended to.

During the workshop you will pause to assess your progress: mixing the base first, then the heart and then the top of the fragrance. At each stage you will check how your perfume takes shape and will have a chance to think about what to add next.

For example, if you decide to build a citrus woody fragrance, you will only be offered perfumes bases that are suitable for this fragrance family and work with each other. You will be given a chance to range your selected ingredients (from the one you want to dominate to the one to serve just as a highlight). The lab assistant then will give you the best ratios for each ingredient to make sure your formula works.

× Do you offer perfume mixing sessions for groups (hen parties, team building, etc.)?

Yes we do hold mixing ‘parties’, the maximum number of people that will work is around 12.

Please email us at with the number of participants and the nature of the event and we’ll be able to work out a price for you (as the more people there are the cheaper it gets) and possible workshop duration for that particular group. Everyone leaves with 50 ml of their own formula, bottled, labeled and ready to use.

Drinks are possible, food is not advised though. It is also possible have the boutique for your party exclusively if the session is booked in the evening.

× How long does a session take?

It usually takes 1,5 hours if it’s a one to one session. If you are company of 2, it will take about 2 hours. Then please allow 10 minutes for bottling the newly created perfume and preparing a label for it.

× Do I need to book?

Yes, if you have received a voucher please email or call us at 0207 240 0338.

If you are only about to purchase a session there is a calendar you can pick convenient slots from before the check-out (or still go for an open date/time voucher).

If you haven’t paid for a session or don’t have a voucher we only accept advanced booking in-store or over the phone with a deposit of £50.

× How can I get more of my perfume later?

We keep the formula you created on record. It will be possible to order another bottle of exactly the same perfume later on. It’s £90/50 ml.

× I have never mixed perfumes before, how will I manage?

The workshop’s set up and materials are adjusted to work for a complete novice during a relatively short session. Essentially, you will use your nose and imagination to select smells and nuances that go into your formula and decide on proportions (there are ways to smell the possible design before mixing it). Our materials are mini perfumes in eau de partum concentration already (with all the enhancing, boosting and other technical molecules which go into modern perfumes). That is what we mean by “industry grade”. They are ready-to-use perfume building blocks representing rose, vetiver, amber, and so on but they are not pure essential oils you need to trim, adjust and dilute as well as enhance and macerate. All of that has been done for you already beforehand at our supplier lab in Grasse.

The session is designed to help you make a perfume no different from a perfume off the shelf of a store in technical terms but with which will have unique design as imagined by you.

× Do you offer perfume courses?

Bloom’s bespoke sessions are designed to help you make a perfume no different from a perfume off the shelf of a store in technical terms but with which will have unique design as imagined by you. All that happening during one 1,5 h long session.

We do not offer long courses where you smell/study raw materials for weeks. However, each session is quite educational for the customer, but we will only be able to discuss the materials you selected for your formula and essential perfume making basics to keep it with the time frame.

× Can I recreate a perfume that has been discontinued?

In short – no. It is very hard for us to recreate perfumes, indeed your perfume might have had French jasmine and we might only have Indian jasmine and even a slight variation will create a perfume that smells very different to your nose.

Furthermore, there are various reasons why your favorite formula might have been discontinued. One of them being that a certain ingredient is no longer allowed to be used.

Bloom’s sessions are about discovering organically your ultimate formula as you progress through the workshop and materials.