Bloom Perfumery Bespoke Perfume Creation Terms & Conditions

The Customer’s attention is particularly drawn to the terms set out below.

Bespoke Perfume Mixing Sessions

Bloom Perfumery offers a unique opportunity to create a truly bespoke perfume. During a 1 hour workshop the customer will have access to dozens of real professional perfume bases that perfumers use in their labs and will be able to create step by step his or her own perfume.

The workshop assistant will be offering guidance as to quantities of ingredients to be used but it will be ultimately the customer’s own choice as to which ingredients to pick and what style of perfume to create.

The result of the session will be 50 ml of EdT, a unique personal mix.

General health and safety notice

The perfume bases supplied by Bloom Perfumery have all been certified by a professional perfume laboratory and are compliant with the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) regulations. The Customer acknowledges that the bespoke perfume they create during the Bloom Perfumery Bespoke Perfume creation may contain a combination of ingredients that exceed the recommended levels stipulated by IFRA. Bloom Perfumery do not advise that you create a perfume which contains ingredients that exceed the recommended levels stipulated by IFRA as such a perfume may cause toxicity and allergen issues. All perfumes created are flammable and contain alcohol and are not intended for commercial use.

Bloom Perfumery advise that before applying any bespoke perfume you test it on a small area of your skin (not being the face) for at least three days before regular use.

If you suffer from any particular allergy please contact us before booking the bespoke workshop so we can advise you on the content of the base ingredients.

Booking, re-booking and cancellations

The 1 hour workshop session has to be booked and paid for in advance online at over the phone 02072476148 or in person in any of the Bloom Perfumery stores.
You can book for yourself and additional guests. You can book a perfume making workshop for someone special too as a gift.

If more than 2 days in advance a session can be re-booked or cancelled at no cost. If there’s a need to urgently rebook the session closer than 48 hours to the date a fee of £20 will be charged. In case a session needs to be cancelled in less than 48 hours a £20 cancellation fee applies per participant (if several people have been booked) and the balance will be refunded in same manner the payment was made.