Black gold ambergris 27 g

Notes ambergris

Origin: coast of Madagascar.

58GBP per 1 gr.

3 most dominant nuances in this piece: barnyard, vanilla and animalic.

This piece is 27,61 g and can be ordered by gram. To purchase more than one gram select the required weight (number of grams) in the basket. 

To inspect this piece before purchasing please make an appointment at our Covent Garden boutique. To arrange email us at or call 020 7240 0338.

Overall odour profile ratings:

Barnyard/Tobacco 10/10

Vanillic 7/10

Hay 7/10

Oceanic / Salty 5/10

Ambery 8/10

Floral 5/10

Woody 7/10

Animalic/Fecal 10/10

Ref.: lot 1-May-27

The certificate of authenticity is available upon request. 

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