Old school fougere
Top Notes cardamom cinnamon clary sage laurel rosemary
Heart geranium honey orange blossom
Base Notes castoreum civet fougere oakmoss patchouli vetiver

Inspired by the idea of a decadent encounter on the dancefloor of a nightclub in the glamorous jet-set Acapulco of the late 1970s, ÉL (and it’s feminine companion piece, ELLA) hark back to a time when hedonism was rife and to a climate where long, drawn out sun soaked days turn into adventurous nights.

Labeled an animalic fougère, ÉL is loaded with the classic smelling mossy notes of oakmoss, vetiver and patchouli and those traditional animalistic base ingredients like castoreum and civet. And when they’re unified they scream, more than they hint, at the idea of available sexuality. There’s a brutish strength and a tenacity to the fougère accord that works wonderfully well with the laurel, sage and rosemary resulting in a very classic smelling, super masculine, musk heavy fragrance that dries down fantastically well. 

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