Jangala by Pierre Guillaume Cruise/Croisiere

In the Indonesian jungle…

In Sanskrit, Jangala designates a natural wilderness area, a jungle.

The term sums up the olfactory world imagined by Pierre Guillaume in this woody, aromatic composition, infused with moist jungle air.

The top notes evoke the lush vegetation of a tropical forest after a rainfall: eucalyptus leaves, cardamom and rosewood blend with Thai herbs and Kahili ginger blossoms.

Rising from the moist earth, sandalwood vapor suffused with coconut and vetiver slowly warms the steamy, ozone-laced air.

Suddenly, birds stop chirping: silence, then a quiver and the glint of dark eyes… a tiger is crouching in the shadow.

The Sniff on Jangala: "Despite appreciating the craftsmanship of this perfume, it took me several goes before I really loved it, but once I did, I found myself hankering after wearing it all the time. It is thoroughly interesting and it’s hard to say that it is quite like anything else. Yes it’s woody, yes it’s mineral, but it’s more than the sum of its parts. And despite not having synesthesia, I really do think of pinks, purples, oranges when I smell it." Read full review.