Run of the River

Top Notes bergamot mint elemi lemon violet leaf
Heart clary sage juniper lemon thyme orange blossom
Base Notes frankincense mate tea oakmoss

A splash of refreshing lemon mingles with aromatic elements of bergamot mint, clary sage and lemon thyme layered on orange blossom.

The composition lingers on the skin with musks subtle shades of incense.
Inspired by the refreshing and vibrant river that runs through the watermill of Keyneston.

The following ingredients in this perfume are grown at  Keynestone Mill in Dorset: clary sage, bergamot mint (Mentha Citrata) and lemon thyme (Thymus Ctriodorus).

All Parterre perfume editions are numbered because each year produces a limited amount of the nest oils that form the key notes, and it is this that dictates the quantities. A finite number of bottles of each perfume being created from each "Extraction". 

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