Smoky Woods
Top Notes grapefruit juniper pepper
Heart gaiac / guaiac wood gaïac wood incense
Base Notes cedar musk patchouli

In mythology 'silvan' is a word used to describe a forest being or tree spirit. As a perfume Silvan is a mysterious woody labyrinth by autumn forest.

This perfume is also a good reference for someone who wants to learn how gaiac wood actually smells in a formula: creamy smoky, dense and a bit like roast hazelnut. Silvan is all about such typical aromatic features of gaiac.

If you ever wondered where the smokiness comes from in some perfume materials: sometimes it’s to do with the extraction method. In the case of gaiac producers add sulfuric compounds to increase the yield of oil (sulfur is highly hydroscopic and its presence during extraction helps to draw more sap from the wood).

Try Silvan if you loved Le Labo’s Santal 33.


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