Caramelized Sandal
Top Notes basil bergamot Calabrian bergamot cyclamen
Heart jasmine
Base Notes amyris wood carrot seeds freshly baked bread hazelnut sandalwood

South is one of the formulas in the Mendittorosa’s North-South duo. The duality is a hint at the contrasting nature of the formulas (the interplay of hot\cool and light\dark notes). Also South is a reference to the south of Europe. There’s a hint to the particular location in a set of coordinates hidden at the back of the metal tag that comes with the bottle. Finally, South is a reference to good childhood memories, it’s a fantasy rather than a real location. It smells of warm, freshly-baked bread, white linen sheets dried in the sun, the pure scent of Marseille soap and you can dream up your own set of feel-good associations.

The contrast comes from the dark and dry theme of warm bread crust, sharp freshness of linen and tender citruses and flowers as wells as the sentimental flowing softness of sandalwood.


The Sniff on Mendittorosa's South: "In fairness, we had to try this a few times to fully understand the transition of the notes and the way the scent flows, but now that we have, it’s really fun to wear. There’s a yeasty, slightly fermented, slightly sour and slightly booze concoction here. It made us think of those summer puddings which are layers of pressed bread and berries served with lashings of cream. The bread accord adds this warm homeliness to the fruit and an increasingly floral backdrop becomes more and more apparent as the scent wears on. At times it evoked the vibe of a homebrewed ale, in a very pleasant and almost languid way; it has that sense of a good thing taking time to brew about it." Read full review.

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