Based in a small family run workshop in Atri - a coastal village in central Italy - Angela Ciampagna’s perfumes are researched and created using a selection of traditional artisanal practises. The workshop’s location and the close contact with the down-to-earth, everyday routines of the villagers is at the very heart of the house’s collection. The slow pace of life, along with the delicate and defining scents of the local environment and the ravages the elements have upon them, provide a vital mineral contrast which proves to be typical of all the perfumes in the Hatria collection.

Luca Turin on Angela Ciampagna



Fuoco sotto la cenere - Fire glowing under the ashes.

2 precious extraits with distictive noble smokiness. 


7 perfumes which explore the salty air of the Adriatic coast of Italy: from morning fog settling on hay to ancient waterworks tunnels ambiance.