A unique perfume house who came up with new technology which for the first time enabled perfumers to put fine fragrance in an alcohol free blend without compromising on the aesthetics and longevity.

The first four fragrances have been commissioned to Antoine Lie and Laure Santantoni.

The fragrances sit in a silky emulsion made from water, saponine and olive oil. Maison Sybarite have developed special pump atomizers for this novel perfume texture.

This way the perfumes actually treat your skin with gentle silky mist and some vitamins when you apply them. It's also totally fine to apply the fragrances to hair without the risk of drying or damaging it with alcohol.

Maison Sybarite blends are free of denatured alcohol, artificial solvents and texturing agents (present in alcohol based perfumes and not entirely beneficial for skin). They do not test on animals and are cruelty free.

The name Sybarite also refers to a person who is fond of luxury and very self indulgent, it is synonymous with being a hedonist, and Maison (the house of) Sybarite have incorporated this notion into their perfumes.

Enjoy and indulge. 

Brand's products

Indulging citrus mist
Notes bergamot black pepper cedarwood ginger labdanum limette orris (iris root) oud patchouli wormwood
Rich boozy leather
Notes black pepper cedarwood leather nutmeg orange blossom prunes saffron sandalwood wine ylang-ylang
Clouds of musky roses
Notes amber bergamot cardamom cedarwood mandarin patchouli rose saffron tolu balm
Indulging soft amber
Notes amber ambroxan birch tar cardamom cedarwood cinnamon lavender nutmeg patchouli tonka beans

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