Beauty and the Beast
Notes animalic notes carnation castoreum jasmine leather lichen lily metallic notes moss oakmoss

 _but_not_today_ is a dark dense formula full of thrilling scent mysteries and tricks. Is it the smell of crushed pomegranate or charred bones? Is it castoreum or the old leather seats of a car abandoned in a forest? Is it a jasmine perfume or a lustful perspiration?

The perfume concept follows the tense vibes of The Silence of the Lambs (the name comes from this dialogue between Hannibal and agent Starling):

Clarice Starling: He said, "I can smell your c***.

Hannibal Lecter: I see. I, myself, cannot. You use Evian skin cream, and sometimes you wear L'Air du Temps … but not today.

In _but_not_today_  indolic flowers meet dark balsams and the result is a dramatic, old-school formula for true connoisseurs.


The Sniff on but_not_today by Unum: "A spritz of but_not_today gives a plume of something ripe, fecund, burgeoning. It’s a bit like the scent of fruit the split second before it goes off, poised, hovering on the knife edge of succulence before descending into decay and rot. But instead of fruit it’s human bodies that are about to burst open and spoil.

There’s a lot of animalic notes in the top of but_not_today. At times it feels like a very impolite scent, it’s a bit sweaty, a bit raunchy, a bit of an affront to the senses with its ‘unwashed bodies in summer’ vibe. The carnation comes through strongly, sweet but with an edge, and there is a slightly waxy, slightly bitter greenery lurking in the background."  Read full review.

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