by Baruti
Vanilla Chai
Notes black tea cardamom cinnamon cloves cocoa ginger leather milk accord musk pepper rose vanilla

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An explosion of sweet spices, Chai is a joyful rendering of Indian masala chai, steamed milk and cardamom. 

Like a cozy scarf on a blustery cold day. 

The Sniff on Chai: "The Sniff on Chai: "So consider Chai all these things in the top; woody, tea-flavoured, familiar, spicy, but in addition there is a nuance here which reminds us of horse breath. We mean this in the nicest, most affectionate way, but there’s a tone which is sweet, cosy, and hay-like, much like the warm breath of a horse as it blows on your face. It’s really beguiling (because we like horses) and once we smelled it we couldn’t stop noticing it. Coupled with the hints of leather that the perfume displays throughout, it evokes the feeling of calm that a beautiful, gentle horse emanates and for a moment you can imagine that you’re in the stable resting your head on the shoulder of a horse, can smell the hay in the feed net, the scent of his coat, the leather of the headcollar he’s wearing, and the cup of strong, sweet black tea that you set aside for when you finish your work. It’s restful, calming and soothing." Read more.

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