Iso-e-Super: The Phantom in the Formula Sample Pack

6 X 1 ML + raw material sample
Notes iso-e-super

Explore the use of iso-e-super with this pack. It is an 'elephant in the room' kind of ingredient, widely used, often an important part of a formula and almost never mentioned (we had to ask perfumers to reveal which perfumes were good for illustrating the use of iso-e-super).


Read more about the perfumes selection in the Iso-e-super. The Phantom of the Formula edit.


The pack contains 6 x 1 ml samples of the following perfumes:

Panda, new formula (Zoologist)

Tundra (Rouge Bunny Rouge)

Fathom V (Beaufort)

Cobra&Canary (Imaginary Authors)

Ukiyo-E (Gri Gri)  

Aer (Angela Ciampagna)

+ 1 ml sample of iso-e-super (7% concentration)

Some quick maths: if purchased separately the total price for these 6 samples would be £18. This pack costs £12 and it includes a sample of a raw material. As part of the yearly subscription this same pack would have been only around £10 (with no shipping cost and a 10% discount code for full size purchases). Whichever way you add it up, that's bargain.

Regular price £12.00
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