Tobacco Leather
Notes honey linden melon osmanthus tobacco

Naja is a limited edition perfume, only several hundred bottles  are announced and it will only come in EdP concentration. 

It is a big leather perfume formed of two classic leather materials: tobacco and osmanthus, so it's on the sweeter creamier side of the leather spectrum. BUT... it's quite powdery too (this nuance coming from linden). Superb quality of the materials and the way the formula structure is set up give it a very neo-vintage luxurious feel.

The Sniff on Naja: "The tobacco, which makes up a significant part of the Naja scent, is extremely vibrant in nature. It’s leathery, warm, rich, opulent and has a slightly green edge to it. Faintly smoked but nothing like cigarette ash, more like something seasoned than burned. This rounds everything out and whist it is a sweet perfume, it’s never sickly or cloying." Read full review.

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