Moonlight by Brocard

Moonlight was commissioned by Brocard to Bertrand Duchaufour. It is the brand’s first experiment with an approach to perfume making as conceptual art and luxury.

To understand this perfume you need to ponder on the nature of monlight and the fact that it is only sunlight reflected off the lifeless satellite.

The perfume feels even more tender, a bit like the Moon’s reflection in a pond. The formula is a uniform gentle flow of cool spices, splashes of freesia, mimosa and iris interlaced with oakmoss and musk. It stays close to skin as if designed to be a to be a secret known only by the wearer.

The bottle deserves a separate mention, it's heavy crystal with exactly 57 facets, the same number you have in the classic diamond cut, the perfect number to capture light inside the crystal and to make it pulse within. 

You can actually spin the bottle (the base has been cut in a special way) to admire the play of light inside the moonstone coloured tincture.