You or Someone Like You by Etat Libre d'Orange

      Does Los Angeles have a scent? It’s impossible to say. So Etat Libre d’Orange collaborated with someone who knows all there is to know about perfumes as well as LA: a perfume critic-connoisseur-writer Chandler Burr and a perfumer Caroline Sabas.

       You or Someone Like You is a fragrance that an LA woman might wear and it bears the title of Chandler’s recent novel, set in Los Angeles.

        The perfume is freshness itself  created from molecules one finds in mint, shiso, violets and citruses but not from essenses corresponding to any particular plant.  

Call it naturally synthetic or synthetically natural but perumer created something nature hasn't, and it's fun. 


Scent and Chemistry on You or Somebody Like You: "The intelligent translation of a story's protagonist, especially one torn apart in cultural and personal identity, into a scent and the unusual shiso–green banana, herbal-vegetal harmonies make 'You Or Someone Like You' to us the most interesting and beautiful perfume of 2017 so far. More than that even an artistic masterpiece. Huge cudos to Caroline and Chandler."


Persolaise on You on Someone Like You (a 60 seconds review).