Part of  Pierre Guillaume Parfumeur house.

The collection is a result of a over a decades work of ultimately talented perfumer Pierre Guillaume.

Today Pierre Guillaume has created some forty fragrances sold in almost 200 outlets all over the world and enjoys total creative and financial independence creating some of the finest modern niche perfumes.

Parfumerie Générale fragrances take you on a journey to some exotic place real or mythical, or a distinct era. This is achieved by the overall feel of the fragrance formula and also by the means of employing authentic ingredients from that place and time.

Some fragrances are EdTs and some are EdPs, whichever works  better for each particular formula: heavier blends need to be less concentrated EdTs to smell right.

Apart from manipulating the ingredients in terms of quantity and formulation the perfumer also uses clever techniques (often invented by himself) like Photo-affinage® to further modify the fragrance and give them a “vibrant” or “melancholic” character.

Bloom Perfumery stocks the main and 'by-invitation-only' collections. The latter being available from very select stockits is special in the way it's full of exotic and unusual ingredients from across the world which form the basis of this edgy and ambitious experimental collection of rare ambers, unusual leathers, precious gourmands and elegant florals.


Collection Numéraire 

Collection Rework

Under the “X.1” nomenclature, Pierre Guillaume revisits or delves deeper into some of his compositions. Whether it is because his style, technique or personal tastes have evolved, or because he has found a new ingredient enabling him to rewrite his formula, the perfumer retraces his steps to offer new emotions. 

Sur Invitation Collection

PLEASE NOTE: this collection has been discontinued by PG apart from two formulas: Bois Naufrage (now PG16.1) and L'Ombre Fauve (now PG8.1).  Only few items are still in stock. In case a perfume from this collection was your signature scent and you still need a bottle please contact Bloom.