White&Black Musks Pack

10 x 1 ml
White&Black Musks Pack by Bloom Sample Packs

     This pack showcases the use of musks, from the original animalic materials such as civet, custoreum, ambergris, etc. to modern ‘clean’ synthetic powdery white musks.

White musks:

1) A reference sample of a white musks base (used in Bloom’s bespoke lab)

2) Coton Egyptien (Phaedon)

3) 4.1 Le Musc Et La Peau (Parfumerie Générale)

4) Dragonfly (Zoologist)

5) Besos (Carner)


Dark musks:

6) A reference sample of a dark animalic musks base (used in Bloom’s bespoke lab)

7) Mem (Bogue) to illustrate the use of civet

8) Beaver (Zoologist) for castoreum

9) Onda (.vero.profumo.), voile extrait for ambergris

10) PG3.1 Arabian Horse (Parfumerie Générale) for an animalis base (an approximation of deer musk).


Some quick math: if purchased separately the total price for these 10 samples would be £41 (excluding raw materials). This pack costs £27 and it includes 2 reference perfume bases. As part of the yearly subscription this same pack would have been only around £12 (with no shipping cost and 10% discount code for full size purchases). Whichever way you add it up, that’s a bargain.