White & Black Musks in Perfume theme

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In this theme

Explore how perfumers have been using musks: from the original animalic materials (civet, deer musk and castoreum) to modern ‘clean’ musks.

Coton Egyptien Phaedon Paris Clean (as in Fresh Linen) Musks

Straightforward just-out-of-the-washing machine clean musk formula enhanced by bitter galbanum.

PG3.1 Arabian Horse Pierre Guillaume - Parfumerie Générale Black Musk (Animalis Base)

A bit of a retro affair with a number of vintage, rarely used molecules and bases including Animalis. This material gives PG3.1 a really suede like, soft leathery nuance almost as if the perfumer used deer musk (which is not in use anymore due ethical reasons and scarcity).

Musk Extreme Perris Monte Carlo Dark (animalic) musks

PG4.1 Le Musc & La Peau Pierre Guillaume - Parfumerie Générale The Ultimate White Musks Blend

An homage to the historical animalic past of musks, the combination of the musk molecules in PG4.1 has been carefully adjusted to smell like warm skin. For added credibility (the smell of skin is a complex affair) there’s creamy ylang-ylang for depth, tonka for sweetness, rosemary for acidic nuance and ambergris for saltiness.

Besos CARNER White Musk and Powdery Iris II

Besos (Spanish for kisses) explores the eternal classic oriental powdery iris theme through the fresh prism of modern white musks.

Nettuno Mendittorosa Icy white musks and orris

Varuek PRIN Extreme animalic with castoreum