As a brand, Brocard dates all the way back to 1864 when Henri Brocard opened up his first luxury soap shop in Moscow, Russia. In the years that followed his business flourished and blossomed and come the end of the 19th century Brocard had become the largest soap maker in Europe. It was nationalised in 1917 and became  the legendary Soviet beauty giant Novaya Zarya. For a century Brocard's name remained history until a new company started in 1994 as the modern Brocard.

As a perfume house, the current reincarnation of Brocard is relatively young. Working with noses such as Bertrand Duchaufour, Maurice Roucel, Fabrice Pellegrin, Jean Jacques, Sylvie Fisher, Florent Jubert and many others Brocard’s perfumes manage to surpass the popular mass luxe fragrances you might find in duty free (and are available for a fraction of the price). Although their fragrances are very different from the niche ‘haute perfumery’ Brocard manages to stand out thanks to its often outrageous, naïve, luxury, almost-cartoon like packaging. Displaying an incredible attention to detail the range is a very worthy addition to Bloom’s unconventional category.



A new Cosmogony series: Sunlight and Moonlight, commissioned by Brocard to Bertrand Duchaufort and their first experiment in the luxury segment and a niche approach to perfume making as conceptual art with the use of the finest materials.




Brocard's sentimental series, perfumes taking you back to roaming around the grandma's orchard, currants' plantations, herbs garden or secretly picking wild berries. 

Simple pleasures and the excitement of a child explorer.


A collection of delightful soliflores: Sweatpea, Peony, Mimosa, Rose, Violets and Lilac. Spritzable spring and summer moods. Commissioned to recent graduates form perfume schools.

The main perfume collection.