by Brocard
A radiant floral gourmand
Top Notes black pepper cardamom juniper mandarin pink pepper
Heart honeysuckle jasmine maple syrup orange blossom rose sea salt
Base Notes benzoin marron glace oak vanilla

Sunlight was commissioned by Brocard to Bertrand Duchaufour. It is their first experiment in the luxury segment and an approach to perfume making as conceptual art.

To understand this perfume you need to go back to those physics lessons at school when they explained the nature of light. That light is actually a wave of particles, a flow of energy and that we can only discern the separate colors of natural light with a prism.

The second thing to consider before you approach Sunlight is to think how we experience light and sunlight in particular. We register it around us, we can tell if there is more of it or less around but it’s a phenomenon on the verge of comprehension and conscious perception and in the past the Sun and its manifestations were worshiped as source of life and something divine bestowed on us.

In Sunlight the perfumer used exotic spices, juicy citruses, Mediterranean flowers, some gourmand accords such as marron glace and benzoin resin. However, they all merge into an omnipresent uniform wave of particles around you which you can only perceive as a whole perfume, same way we perceive sunlight. The perfume is also as pleasant as warm rays of the Sun thanks to the subtle gourmand touch, sweet citruses and gentle flowers.  

The choice of materials is not random, the sun brings orchards to life, sweet aromas attracting busy bees, the golden round citruses resemble mini Suns and precious benzoin resin represents warmth earth might exude when heated with sun rays.

The bottle deserves a separate mention, it's heavy crystal with exactly 57 facets, the same number you have in the classic diamond cut, the perfect number to capture light inside the stone and make it pulse within.  

You can actually spin the bottle (the base has been cut in a special way) to admire the play of light inside the amber coloured tincture. 

65 ml EdP
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