Just in: Четыре (Four) a black smoky abyse by Prissana

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Just in: Четыре (Four) a black smoky abyse by Prissana. Even though it's named after a trippy movie, it reminded us of the children's poem that kids in Russia learn to practice saying "Ч" and "Ы": four little apprentice devils in soot are painting dark schemes with black ink. Четыре smells like a black sinner's soul boiling in tar in the depths of Hell.

Notes: aldehydes, artemisia, carrot seeds, clary sage, fir, fougere, galbanum, hemlock, ivy, lavender, mimosa, mushroom, musk, oakmoss, orris (iris root), pine needles, rose, rosewood, russian leather, smoke, spikenard, tar, vanilla

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