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La Vie en Rose Pack

Find the perfect rose: discover Damask, Bulgarian, French and Turkish varieties as well as fantastic rose illusions imagined by perfumers (not nature).  Read the corresponding edit explaning why someone should...



"Woozy and warmfrom the sun, we shared an orange pop and watched the surfers' last lines of the day." Amy Obispo When Clementine Cope set foot in snow deeper than...

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Perfumer: Alexandra Kosinski Etat Libre d'Orange have given you decadent, they have given you outrageous, and now they give you nice. The house pay allegiance to the concept of a modest cologne. Not an...

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Fog and Petrichor scents

Explore the cool fresh shade of perfumes inspired by foggy forests, sea mist and warm haze over fresh water. The pack contains 6 x 1 ml samples: 1. Woods in Fog...



Perfumer: Nathalie Lorson

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Perfumer: Nadege Le Garlantezec A refreshing formula with crisp green tea set as the main theme, and then infused with figs, cool spices and dry vetiver.  

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Perfumer: Sonia Constant Allegria (Italian for joy or happiness) is a cheerful potion full of dark tangy berry vibes, layered with fresh herbs (spearmint, basil, eucalyptus) and a generous input of...

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Perfumer: Shyamala Maisondieu. Lilt is a fantasy fruit oozing with juicy vibes and peachy happiness before gradually morphing into a vetiver through coconut dust. 

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Perfumer: Francis Deleamont A beautiful example of the 'fragrant confections' idea behind the white collection. Chatoyant is a woody gourmand perfume with a prominent note of sparkly sour sweet bergamot on top...

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Perfumer: Nathalie Lorson An indolic indecent jasmine encouraged by dark leathery labdanum and salty musky ambergris.

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Perfumer: Sonia Constant The cool violet shade holding green apples sprinkled with a touch of cinnamon, bunches of lily-of-the-valley and clean translucent white musk.

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Perfumer: Sonia Constant Arcadia, the half fantasy land in ancient Greece, the domain of Pan presiding over nymphs, satyrs and other sylvain critters and deities. The perfume is a dry...

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