The Concept

 Bloom Perfumery London exists to celebrate the spectrum of fragrance. Every capital city in the world deserves its own renowned niche perfume store - whether that’s Jovoy Parfums Rares in Paris, Campomarzio70 in Milan and Rome or Parfumerie Osswald in Zurich - and Bloom aspires to be that boutique for the city of London. Showcasing the work of outstanding niche perfumery talent from all over the globe, we’re constantly adding new, interesting and creative perfume houses to our carefully curated selection of perfumes, candles, reed diffusers. We stock make-up from independent brands as well as eco-lux skin care, bath and body products. Ultimately we are your fragrance finder, delivered with attentive boutique service, samples and individual consultations available to any customer. We take great pride in our expert personalised service and we’re continuously hosting events which offer our customers time with some of the most respected noses working today.


What is Niche Perfumery?

In two words niche perfumery is quality of materials and creativity, but in reality niche is the antithesis of ‘designer’ perfumes that employ clever marketing techniques and big budgets to sell maximum units.

The mass produced perfumes you might expect to find in department stores or in duty free are often engineered specifically to smell good on paper blotters. The manufacturers are well aware that in these kinds of shopping environments their products only get one spray with which to make an arresting first impression and as such the perfumes are not designed with the priority of lasting on the skin. This means that customers will use the product up quicker and will need to spend more money chasing that initial burst of addictive freshness. These scents are also often made with very basic, ubiquitous synthetic materials which are easy to source for mass production and are reformulated without any notice as the industry continues to recycle and modify its formulae from perfume launch to perfume launch.

The term ‘niche’, itself refers to the art of perfume’s respectably modest share of the market. Niche is a place where a master perfumer’s vision, talent and the quality of their raw materials matter more than any elaborate packaging or vividly dramatic TV advert. It’s a sector where scent and craftsmanship rule above all else.


Our Brands

Niche Perfume

Aqualis, Anna Zworykina, Angela Ciampagna, Arquiste, Art de Parfum, Beaufort, Bogue Profumo, Bon Parfumeur, Brocard, Carner, Etat Libre D’Orange, Frapin, Gri Gri, Grossmith, Imaginary Authors, Mendittorosa and Talismans, Naomi Goodsir, Parterre, Pierre Guillaume Black (formerly Huitième Art Parfums), Olfactive Studio, Parfumerie Générale,  Phaedon, Rouge Bunny Rouge, Unum (including the Nebbia and Sauf collections), Voronoi, .vero.profumo. and Zoologist.

Independent Makeup brands

Ellis Faas, Rouge Bunny Rouge 

Create Your Own Perfume Formula

 In 2015 we launched a bespoke perfume lab with professional bases (mixes of molecules representing basic building blocks in perfumery) which allows any customer to design a perfume within an hour or so. It is different from meticulous molecule by molecule formulation the noses practice (but shhh…. occasionally they use bases too) but a session in a lab produces amazing results: a unique perfume imagined and designed solely by a customer.


Our Store:

West End/Covent Garden

Just off Floral Street and the main piazza, Bloom Perfumery is located in the shade of the Royal Opera House in a cozy, high end shopping area neighbouring Diptique, Paul Smith, Kate Spade and many other boutiques.

4 Langley Court WC2A 9JY