Just in: Hayra by Prissana

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Just in: Hayra by Prissana. Aquatic and carnivorous – Hayra is a new cryptid in the perfumer’s collection. This mythical dragon like creature inhabits the ancient murals of Buddhist temples, the old tales and the scented logic of Hayra perfume. There’s the salty weight of ambergris, the slithering earthy aromas of rare spices, such as Sugandha Kokila (Nepalese mountain cinnamon) and plenty of dark green shadows, literally distilled from tropical leaves.

Notes: ambergris, basil, benzoin, camphor, caraway, champaca leaf, cumin, frankincense, galbanum, guava leaf, incense, jasmine, lime, marigold, musk, myrrh, nagarmotha, oakmoss, patchouli, rose, sandalwood, sugandha kokila, vetiver

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