Just in: Vallée des Roses by Prissana

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Just in: Vallée des Roses by Prissana. Breath the musky beautiful air over the dewy rose fields at the feet of the Atlas Mountains. North Africa is the cradle of most modern rose varieties and a place where they still grow and distill same roses that saw many empires rise and fall. These roses still bloom in the Moroccan Valley of Roses. There are more local treats in this perfumer formula: the sweet aroma of dates and tart pomegranates as well as the crisp fragrance of blooming orange trees.

Notes: amyris, black pepper, cinnamon, copaiba balm, damask rose, dates, elemi, gaiac / guaiac wood, incense, jasmine, myrrh, oakmoss, orange, persian rose, pomegranate, rose, sandalwood, tobacco, vanilla

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