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The coffee aroma in perfume sample pack

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The coffee aroma in perfume sample pack is out.

The selection feautures both stories about coffee where this note is a fantasy accord and perfumes where the coffee extract is literally part of the formula.

The pack contains 9 x 1 ml samples:

- SM Cafe (Strangers Parfumerie) /Holographic coffee
- El Born (Carner) /Travel to Barcelona's cafe district
- Close Up (Olfactive Studio) /Ripe coffee berries on a tree
- PG10 Aomassai (Pierre Guillaume) /Coffee and cake
- George (Jardins d’Écrivains) /Peru balm disguised as coffee
- Civet (Zoologist) /Civet's special coffee
- 1962 Soho (Floris) /Explore the Soho's cafes in early 60s
- Coffeeze (J.U.S) /Desert Nomad's coffee
- FUM (Bravanariz) /Brewing coffee on a camp fire Online exclusive.

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