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Another year around the sun and we’re excited to bring you the perfumes that have topped the charts at Bloom in 2023!

Popularity in perfume often comes down to three things. Firstly, well-crafted scents that are carefully balanced, versatile and not overpowering. Secondly, they resonate with a broad audience, fostering a connection to positive emotions or happy memories. Lastly, they are scents that might offer something new and different without being too challenging.

 This selection is a wonderful window into what is popular in niche perfumery at the moment, one that will likely reflect the broader appetite of perfume lovers this year. Certain favourites have stood the test of time, but a handful of thrilling newcomers are making their mark. We notice a draw towards modern molecules with unique and distinctive compositions on the upswing. As well as a clear desire to embrace the ambiguity and buck the perfumed gender norms. Who said woods were just for men! What remains the same is the delight our customers have in the magical element of an exquisitely made fragrance of exceptional quality.

 From green and fresh themes to decadent florals, we give you the fragrant champions of 2023.

Panda Zoologist Green allure

An enduring favourite and no wonder. Deep rich Haitian vetiver blends with bright sparkling almost fizzy iso-e-super. While exotic green tea, osmanthus and lily give a delightful and sensuous diffusion. This formula is a thoughtful, artistic expression of positivity and happiness.

A City on Fire Imaginary Authors Smoky charm

A full-bodied smoky diffusion with a woody almost sweet focus. Tar-like cade and labdanum inject a charred effect while warming spicy notes of cardamom and earthy patchouli balance it out. You’ll be enveloped in a charming swirl of enriching, empowering smoke.

Hermann a Mes Cotes Me Paraissait Une Ombre Etat Libre d'Orange Timeless with a twist

The eminent crowd pleaser, an ode to classic aftershave but with a modern twist. Spicy black pepper blends with velvety ambroxan. While refreshing galbanum balances incense, gentle rose and ozonic petrichor. A stand-out signature scent. Popular for a reason!

Santal Floris Refined elegance

Versatile and elegant all at once. Spicy black pepper and cloves together with zesty lemon gives a complex clean aromatic diffusion. The bergamot brings a refreshing tone to the spice while the lavender and vanilla are highlighted by the clean edges from the sandalwood. Exquisitely suave.

PG11.1 Indian Wood Pierre Guillaume - Parfumerie Générale Fresh fine spices

The sweet freshness of lemon is infused with creamy woody coconut. These cooling tones are beautifully offset with spicy cardamom bringing a layered effect to the almost edible diffusion. Universally appealing. Made popular by those who want to stand out.

Musk Lorenzo Villoresi Powdered musk

An ode to musk in its finest form. Delicate and subtle but won’t be overlooked. Floral elements of delightful rose are artfully encased in sweet sandalwood and woody cedar for a refined finish. This is a masculine diffusion holding charm and sophistication at its centre. Clean and gorgeous.

Barbarian SweDoft Sweet molasses

Earthy ouds and heady sweetness in a creative and complex way. With hints of caramel and rose layered with resinous gurjum and vanilla this is an empowering diffusion that is delicious and addictive. A scent that will ignite affection everywhere you go.

Fauno Agatho Like soft cashmere

A grand blend of exquisite materials from artemisia, clary sage to ambergris and frankincense. The smoky incense is brightened by sparkling citrus notes. Rich florals from jasmine to patchouli add depth. While intense and complex the diffusion is comforting and romantic.

Gingembre Molinard Revitalising grapefruit

A full-bodied fresh fragrance with a spicy focus. Bright bergamot, mandarin and verbena inject a citrus effect while warming notes of amber and ginger blend for sweet edible nuances. A refreshing and uplifting diffusion with cool guy charm.