Brilliant White Musks theme

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The selection is dedicated to white musks - the abstract, voluminous and pleasantly fresh agents which smell gorgeous on their own and make any formula and material brighter, more spacious and diffusive.

White (polycyclic synthetic) musks are probably the frontier of the aromachemical industry: these molecules were created by people in lab coats at the end of the 20th century, rather than by nature. So when we smell these materials the aroma doesn’t remind us of any fruit, spice, food, plants, etc. The closest we get to smelling white musks on their own is either when we take the laundry out of the washing machine or as part of a perfume formula.

White engineered musks are super stable strong molecules which smell clean and that makes them perfect for use in detergents. The abstract character of white musks is also very useful for providing stable but discreet support as a base note in a perfume formula.

The  edit below features blends in which white musks are the main theme as well as perfumes where musks are used to lift other materials and endow them with a sparkle as well as an ability to float and whirl.

PG4.1 Le Musc & La Peau Pierre Guillaume - Parfumerie Générale The ultimate white musk mix

An amazing chameleon of a perfume. With so many abstract musks combined in one transparent cloud you can imagine anything when you smell it: clean warm skin, a heavenly dreamy cloud, freshly ironed linen or a musky petal of a magnolia, essentially any idea related to purity, caressing fresh breeze, bright sparkle or gentle powdery nuance.

Nettuno Mendittorosa Check for the orris/white musks duo

There is something about the orris and white musks together that makes this combination quite a distinct and well explored theme in perfumery. In Nettuno’s formula these two materials meet again to represent the infinite and icy void of outer space: spacious, dark but also full of stars twinkling.

Besos CARNER Check for a musky touch in a floral

A formula in which white musks lift and brighten the jasmine heart. The effect these clever molecules are adding is as if gentle rays of sun are caressing the petals.

Coton Egyptien Phaedon Paris A fresh linen effect

This perfume is an example of the clean extreme of the scented universe. If you go past fresh green and light and crisp woody domains – this is where you might end: pure, abstract cleanness of fresh linen drying on a line on a bright spring morning. This perfume is bordering on palpable sensation of a fresh starched table cloth, just ironed linen or a steaming wet towel in a Japanese restaurant. This effect is partly achieved by the generous use of white musks.

Bendito Beso Beso Beach Musks as a fresh breeze

In Bendito Beso (“a blessed kiss”) white musks are used to add a mineral clean touch as well as transparent volume to a perfume story of an early morning on a beach. The sun has only just woken up and waves are cool, bracing and lending a iodine mineral aroma to the fresh breeze.

Superfusion J.U.S Try for musks as transparent volume