Capricious lily-of-the-valley theme

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This theme takes us into the fragranced world of lily-of-the-valley, first envisioned by Edmond Roudnistka in Diorissimo in 1956. Notoriously tricky to distill, the ambiance of the flower is captured by reflections and illusions. Edmond planted some lily-of-the-valley in his garden and then reconstructed its aroma into the composition of the iconic 1950s perfume.

Indeed, what we have come to know as the lily-of-the-valley note is a cleverly created construct of aromachemicals, commonly known as the muguet accord (French for lily-of-the-valley).

We invite you to explore this white spring flower in all its different interpretations and the ways, in which perfumers have conjured the essence of lily-of-the-valley. From powdery blends to green and gourmand options, we hope to have created a bouquet of samples that does justice to this mercurial yet indistinguishable little flower.


Yes I do Etat Libre d'Orange A bridal posy

A glorious, sumptuous and modern interpretation of lily-of-the-valley. With bright green jasmine and musky powdery mallow, this is a sexy springtime scent that will be sure to enchant whoever you're standing next to!

Danzatoria CARNER Waltz of the flowers

This composition of lily-of-the-valley is clean and woody. An enticing juxtaposition of floral green jasmine and warming pink pepper conjures the little white spring flower that draws attention in a ornate bouquet of flowers.

Tolu Ormonde Jayne Enlivening the amber

Orange blossom and rose brings the green floral nature of lily-of-the-valley to the forefront of this opulent scent. The resinous tolu balm is balanced with delicate sweet tonka beans, creating a luminous, green and sophisticated powdery nuance.

Muguet Molinard À la française

Clean and creamy, this is lily-of-the-valley in full force. The heavy floral white molecules are reflected by the notes of jasmine and lotus. Long-lasting, its floral nature melts into green notes with a fresh and aquatic feel.

Stilettos on Lex Jul Et Mad Uptown floral

The decadent side of lily-of-the-valley. The heady diffusion of davana, plum and rose exudes sexy sophistication. Notes of chypre, musk and violet leaf will transport you to the city in springtime where luxury meets nature.

PG27 Limanakia Pierre Guillaume - Parfumerie Générale Swayed by the sea breeze

A fragrance that evokes the exotic side of lily-of-the-valley. The gentle, clean and breezy tones from the amalgamation of salt, immortelle and labdanum whisk you away to a sandy beach with spring in the air and a cocktail in your hand.

Privilege Der Duft Hit the forest floor

A bright and joyful interpretation of lily-of-the-valley which takes you to the edge of summer with just one spritz. The classic lily-of-the-valley nuance is served up alongside the grass and galbanum notes and softened with gaiac wood and fruity blackcurrant.

Dolceacqua Masque Milano Seaside garlands

A fragrance that unveils the exotic side of lily-of-the-valley. The amalgamation of salt, mimosa and oakmoss will whisk you away to a sandy beach with spring in the air and a cocktail in your hand.

Iperborea Lorenzo Villoresi Soapy and clean retro floral