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Hedione is one of these aromachemicals that are in most formulas nowadays but which never gets mentioned directly in the list of notes. It's naturally a part of white florals (such as jasmine) metabolism but perfumers use it more for structure, reach and the volumizing effect rather than its faint floral/citrusy aroma.

Sucre D’Ébène Pierre Guillaume Black Collection Molecule added for transparent volume

Bendito Beso Beso Beach Molecule used for abstract volume

Lava Rose (Discontinued) Strangers Parfumerie Molecule added for the slow-mo effect

In this perfume hedione lifts the flowing ‘lava’ concept and makes the mineral accord move. But you need to dedicate around 1/5 of the formula to achieve this effect.

Moonlight Brocard Molecule added for hazy soft focus effect

Boutonnière no.7 Arquiste Molecule as part of a white flower metabolism

Noiressence J.U.S Molecule added to separate heavy layers