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This aqueous aroma will remind you both of the splatter of sea surfs and of delicate greens.

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Continental Roses Pack

Thanks to the wonder of Mother Nature, there exists many different types of rose, most of which smell remarkably different from each other; so it’s no wonder that there are...


Gardens of Temptation | Tenderness Сады Соблазна | Нежность

Quite a rare perfume idea: a humble sweet pea soliflore. Tenderness comes complete with green aromas of sweat pea tendrils and whispering of the shady garden around the little blooming...

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Pistacia Lentiscus is a hardy shrub that grows widely throughout the Mediterranean. It has a very distinct resinous smell and produces a resin known as mastic which is exclusively cultivated...

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Lotion Botanique

Féret Parfumeur presents Lotion Botanique, a nourishing, hydrating and moisturising body lotion that is 100% natural. Made with essential oils of thyme, rosemary, lavender and mixed flower honey it’s the perfect...


L’Eau Simple de Concombre

Built on a minimalist formula intended to comfort the mind like an iced cocktail comforts the body on a hot day, L’Eau Simple de Concombre  is  an exceedingly fresh eau...

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High upon the mountain, a group of macaques rest and play, the young mentored by exacting elders. Inside a solemn temple in the ancient mossy forest below, a ceremony takes...

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Mito Voile d'Extrait

Mito (Italian for myth) in Voile d'Extrait opens with grandiose green notes, much softer and airy compared to the Eau de Parfum version. Using both magnolia grandiflora and white magnolia...

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Roots & Shoots Sample Pack

ROOTS&SHOOTS SAMPLE PACK Illustriuous iris root and green shoots perfumes to celebrate the start of spring.  5x1ml EdP, 1x1ml Extrait D600 (CARNER) Cuir d'Iris (Parfumerie Generale) Panorama (Olfactive Studio) Elephant (Zoologist)...



Named after the Latin name for a church rose window, Rosarium is dedicated  to the rose window of the Cathedral of Atri, where Angela Ciampagna’s workshop is based. Defined by...

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The Nose Club Subscription

Join the nose-members only club if you are crazy about fine perfumery. The 6 or 12 month membership will enable you to get 2 x 10 ml bottles of perfumes from Bloom’s collection...

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The light rustle of the grass on a bright sunny morning is the main inspiration for this aroma.

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