Fog & Petrichor theme

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Have you ever come across 'rain', 'fog', 'dew' when reading through the list of notes for a perfume and then wondered:

how do perfumers create these aqueous illusions?

There is no ultimate reference amongst raw materials. Instead perfumers play with your imagination using notes and stories. They use vetiver or patchouli which can smell like wet soil, modern musks that smell like droplets of water on old stone and even some unexpected combinations of naturals and synthetics to create cool, shady and mysteriously nebulous formulas that make you think of rain, saltybreeze, fog, mist and overgrown banks of a wild pond.

Every Storm a Serenade Imaginary Authors Try for a Baltic sea mist accord

Feel the imaginary sharp needles of the salty icy breeze and grey fog obscuring the margin between the sea and the rocky shores.

Hermann a Mes Cotes Me Paraissait Une Ombre Etat Libre d'Orange Explore the geosmin molecule

According to Wikipedia, "geosmin is responsible for the earthy taste of beetroots, and a contributor to the distinctive scent (petrichor) that occurs when rain falls after a dry spell, or when soil is disturbed." In Hermann, the perfumer creates an olfactive poem about fog, night forest, and the illusion of damp soil disturbed by horses' hooves.

Lune d'Eau Pierre Guillaume Cruise/Croisiere Mineral mist on a moonlit lake

Bataille Bastille Sea spray and rain on the wooden deck

Rainy City MINT 5 o'clock rain