Full Moon theme

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In this theme

Perfumers quite often try to express beautiful, mystic or dramatic concepts through scent, the choice of materials and architecture of the formula: love, joy, mystic creatures, battles, landscapes, celestial bodies’ travels and more.

Presently, at Bloom we have half a dozen perfumes dedicated to moonlight, its romantic appeal and activities that happen in its gentle glow.

In this edit you will discover how perfumers conjure up moonlit scenes: from the moon above the humid hot jungle to the moon reflected of the ice on a winter pond.

Super Moon CARNER Night blooming jasmine

Lune Féline Atelier des Ors Sweet nights' moon

A gigantic vanilla balsamic and smoky referencing sweet acts happening in the tropical forest under the full moon. In this story some sylvan creatures are following the musk trails to find each other against the backdrop of rich vanilla fruit. The full moon fills their eyes with glow and their minds with desire.

Fleur de Lune (Discontinued) Strangers Parfumerie Moonlight marshmallow

This is a celestial, hazy floral perfume conjuring sweet dreams of clouds across a bright moon and soft fur. Fleur de Lune is a compilation of creamy white flowers; tuberose, gardenia, and ylang-ylang harmonised with bitter and elegant gaiac wood.

Lune d'Eau Pierre Guillaume Cruise/Croisiere Winter night gleaming

Lune d'Eau is reminiscent of an early morning moon shining on a winter lake; light is reflected and the atmosphere is cold and pure. To achieve this quiet coolness the evergreen vibes of juniper are blended with modern molecules that smell crisp and mineral.

Moonlight Brocard Orris and aquatic flowers sheen

Bertrand Duchaufour invites you to muse over the nature of moonlight; its gentle nature and possible companions: solitude and silence. The formula is a gentle flow of cool spices, splashes of freesia, mimosa and orris, interlaced with oakmoss and musk. It stays close to skin as if designed to be a secret known only by the wearer.

Moonglade MINT Equatorial shine