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Ylang-ylang can be loosely translated as the ‘deep deep of the forest’. Ylang-ylang can refer both to the perfume material or the tropical Cananga Odorata tree it comes from. The main places of production would be Nosy Be and Comoros (tiny islands north of Madagascar). You might come across a ‘cananga note’ instead of ylang-ylang. It is the same story as with neroli vs. orange blossom, same flower – different methods of extraction.

The ylang-ylang aroma may be associated with spas and skin care, but please do not dismiss it because of that. It’s a fine versatile perfume material. What goes into perfumes is quite different in terms of quality and finesse compared to skincare. It’s not a straightforward girly floral note either. Ylang-ylang has a complex sultry vanilla meets leather odor profile and interestingly can reveal deep balsamic or light powdery nuances depending on the company of other notes in the formula.

In perfumes ylang-ylang quite often is hidden and could be used to complete an accord (such as animalic amber) or is coded as a fantasy note (such as an opium accord or sangria wine, for example). In this edit you will find perfumes focusing on the exotic beauty of ylang-ylang and perfumes where ylang-ylang supports some other idea such amber or leather or is remaning altogether incognito.

Chameleon Zoologist Sea breeze and jungle air

In this perfume story the sea breeze mixes with the jungle air. Molecules representing the salty ocean lift and carry the rich ylang-ylang aroma to create a fantastic tropical beach illusion.

Ylang Ylang Nosy Be Perris Monte Carlo Reference soliflore

A reference perfume to study ylang-ylang as a perfume note. Perris personally look after the extraction of ylang-ylang for their perfumes in the Nosy Be Island and you can be sure that the precious extract in this blend is the ultimate ylang-ylang.

Felino CARNER An intoxicating twist in a naughty animalic leather

Felino is an animalic leather with a distinct civet accord. Ylang-ylang (even though it’s listed as a separate note) completes the civet cat secretion illusion – adding honeyed and sweaty nuance that natural civet often possesses.

Sangre Dulce Strangers Parfumerie Showcasing the sweet extreme of ylang-ylang's aroma

This story of impossibly sweet wine would not have come about without the intoxicating rich vibes of ylang-ylang.

Marcel Marie Jeanne Ylang-ylang adding extra depth to a cologne blend

In Marcel ylang-ylang adds extra depth and longevity to a cologne mix of lighter and more fleeting notes such as petitgrain, bergamot and lemon.

Ilanguara Phaedon Paris Ylang-ylang as a powdery veil

Check for a fine veil of ylang-ylang’s powdery sweetness. It’s resting on incense dust from the mix of Copaiba balm, gaiac, gurjum and frankincense.

PG15 Ilang Ivohibé Pierre Guillaume - Parfumerie Générale Perhaps the most 'For Him' ylang-ylang

Gentlemen take notice. This could be the most ‘for him’ ylang-ylang perfume, lavender and orris root being part of the recipe. The context matters. Whereas, in the company of white florals ylang-ylang comes across as a feminine option when mixed with herbs and masculine woody notes it becomes an elegant leather nuance.

Orson Carine Roitfeld Sensual and bohemian

Ambré Lumière 2023 Molinard Ylang-ylang hiding in a rich amber

This is a retro amber idea with a hint of a patisserie counter deliciousness. To sense ylang-ylang focus on the honeyed/powdery nuance rounding up the amber recipe. It’s there but not obvious.