Rare Resins: Elemi, Peru & Tolu theme

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We are continuing with fragrant resins (having gone through benzoin and labdanum) now exploring more exotic and rare options: elemi, Peru and tolu balsams.

Elemi comes from a tree native to Philippines and smells somewhere between cedarwood and frankincense with a lot of citrus (going into terpenic) nuance. Tolu and Peru balsams come from South America (same tree Myroxylon). The difference between them is the method of extraction and distillation. Tolu smells mellower and sweeter, reminiscent of old library ambiance. Peru is darker and has a more intense smoky vanillic aroma with a bit of an olive oil nuance.

These resins offer perfumers a choice of intense shades of smoky, sweet, spicy or crisp woody depending on what they are combined with.

We have put together an edit to help you to navigate through perfumes where these wonderful woody notes are used.

In the corresponding sample pack you will have specimens of the 3 resins as well as 6 perfumes to illustrate their application.  Enjoy smelling.

Poudre de Riz Pierre Guillaume Black Collection Tolu+Tonka

Poudre de riz, French for rice powder is a sensual comforting perfume slightly floral but mostly a combination of powdery sweet materials such as vanilla, benzoin, tonka and tolu, which mediates between them and the rose.

Long-Courrier Pierre Guillaume Cruise/Croisiere Elemi+Beach Sand

Long Courrier is much woodier and softer than Tundra. Elemi is mixed with cocoa, orange, salt and cedarwood creating a fascinating set of free flowing shades of white woods. The perfume is part of the PG’s cruise collection which is about travel to remote exotic destinations and elemi comes from a tree native to Philippines. It's a virtual long courrier flight to the Pacific but real aromas of a faraway resort.


A big gourmand perfume designed to take you to the Barcelona’s quarter of El Born filled with small cafeterias and where air is rich with aromas of coffee and freshly baked patisserie. This is where Peru balsam comes handy with its rich vanillic nuance and depth to enhance the gourmand combo of benzoin, heliotrope (the powdery fraction of vanilla) and vanilla.

Tolu Ormonde Jayne Unfolding every every nuance of tolu

A unique perfume dedicated to the facettes of the tolu aroma: sharp green, ambery roast hazelnut and soft incensy.

Autoportrait Olfactive Studio Elemi + Fresh Cedarwood Shavings

Lune Féline Atelier des Ors Peru as sharp smoky echo