Snow theme

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Let's freeze in style and explore the colder side of perfumery. From plush snow, and crisp arctic air to glaciers and tingling frost this pack offers an abundance of ice-cold treasures.  

Fresh snow is odorless so it is down to the talents and creativity of perfumers to magic the sensory experience of snowy moments. They go beyond the scent to our imaginations conjuring romantic memories of winter winds or snowflakes on eyelashes. It is the artful manipulation and combinations of notes that evoke a sensation of a snowy atmosphere.  

While snow is odorless our brains will often expect a clean crisp scent - as if we can smell the act of hearing the crunch of our footsteps on virgin white snow. Notes such as juniper, mint and aldehydes can serve up such frosty freshness. Moreover images of snow capped mountains and winter wonderlands are ubiquitous with alpine trees and fragrant vegetation and so our sense of what ‘snowy’ might smell like increases. Here we might find pine, oakmoss or even iris for a powdered snow effect. Equally the name of a scent, like Penguin or Snowy Owl, throws the fantastical aromachemicals into cool relief.  

As we patiently wait for sunnier climes, we hope this selection will delight your curious noses as you come to know snow and all the myriad ways it is crafted into fragrance.

Snowy Owl Zoologist Thawing snow

Conjuring the soulful majesty of a snowy owl as she watches the snow melt. An effect created by cooling mint, soft iris and herbaceous mate. Lily-of-the-valley is floral and green, mingling with sweeter earthier tones of civet and oakmoss. A green coldness sweeps by as budding atmospheric florals entice.

North Mendittorosa Glistening mantle of pine forests

Warmed blond woods, fragrant white jasmine and spicy black pepper transport you to a sauna at the edge of a sunny snow drenched evergreen forest. Uplifting swirls of airy cedar and bright bergamot mingle with clouds of aldehydes for clean crisp elegance.

Penguin (Limited Edition) Zoologist L'eau d'Freezer

The shining contrast of dusty saffron mingling with crisp salty seaweed and bright juniper evokes arctic air and silver blue icicles. Suede and labdanum conjure a rich purple feeling while the glimmering aromas of pink pepper and sea moss swirl over musks and sandalwood.

Aleksandr Arquiste Virgin snow

Watch the snow fall from an alpine hut as powdered violet leaves blend with white clouds of orris and musk. Leathered tones mix with sweet neroli highlighting the uplifting swirls of green fir, birch leaves and oakmoss. The effect is soft, inviting and clean.

Lune d'Eau Pierre Guillaume Cruise/Croisiere Frozen lake

The cool composition conjures icy moonlight across a frosty lake. There is a woody nature offered by clever use of amyris and modern molecules, holding hints of dry pine and winter winds. Juniper is aromatic and slightly metallic for sharp cool tones.

Hors-Piste Bastille Jumping into thick snow

A fresh citrus blast of lemon, tangerine and orange spiced by ginger and pink pepper gives a fizzy quality. Snowy climes are summoned by cooling mineral ambroxan and a joyful abundance of fresh green juniper. The effect is energetic and cold.

Dancing Light Olfactive Studio Northern lights

The iridescent icy scent of the northern lights, captivatingly fresh as invigorating mint intertwines with a cooling swirl of Siberian pine needles and ozonic snow accord. Shining white florals of jasmine, neroli and seringa dance around brisk pink pepper and sandalwood.

The Language of Glaciers Imaginary Authors Chunky snowflakes

A bright cold blast of minty pine and strong juniper conjures heavy fresh snowflakes on evergreen trees. The softness of falling snow is imagined in powdery lilac and the impression of frosted floral blue bugle. Icy and crisp, as smooth as a glacial lake surrounded with wildflowers.

Albatros Mendittorosa Arctic air

A bracing aquatic-salty spray offers a delicious empowering brightness, whisking you straight to a Narnia-like snowy world. Roses and unripe pineapple add a curious sweetness while an abundance of cedar, cashmere wood and musk lends refreshing body and sophistication.