Crisp Crystal Woods
Notes cashmere wood cocoa beans coriander spices Szechuan pepper white woods

In Aqaysos the perfumer tries to imagine crystal wood, smooth, capturing and reflecting light but still with wood grain texture.

That chatoyant effect is created from cold spices and light cashmere woods. Aqaysos is quite intense and lasting despite being airy.

Try if you like Aventus style perfumes, dry woody formulas with a fresh ozonic touch.  


The Sniff on Aqaysos: "We really liked every part of this fragrance, but the base was particularly delightful. To our testers it smelled reminiscent of warm cotton, freshly ironed laundry and line-drying clothes. It has that gorgeous breezy cleanliness underpinned by the blonde woods. PG fragrances often have this exquisite sense of balance that really make them sparkle. As a result they are incredibly satisfying to wear." Read full review. 

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