Beso Canalla

A barefoot happy amber
Top Notes bergamot lavender neroli saffron
Heart heliotrope labdanum
Base Notes amber brown sugar patchouli sandalwood

It’s a delectable amber with focus on the gourmand aspect of that ancient perfume recipe. Usually, an amber mix would require a resin (labdanum, benzoin, etc.), patchouli and vanilla. In Beso Canalla this sweet component often represented and highlighted by vanilla was extended to many dimensions. It starts with gently sweet bergamot, descends into caramelized a sugar accord in the heart and dries down into a sweet sandalwood and amber amalgamation.

In the Beso perfume trilogy this formula represents the relaxed afternoon when you have had your early morning swim and are now gathering energies for the night out ahead (chilling in the sweet shade with an ice cold orangeade, feet buried in warm sand).


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