Fleur de Louis

Iris and Orange Blossom
Top Notes bergamot cypress galbanum neroli
Heart cloves jasmine orange blossom rose
Base Notes amber cedar Italian iris labdanum vetiver

June 1660, the Isle of Pheasants, Basque region, French-Spanish border

Fleur de Louis is a refined and elegant imagining of the peace negotiations at the center of the marriage between Louis XIV of France and Marie-Teresa of Spain. A regal ceremony carried out with pomp and purpose against a newly built pavilion of cedar and pine which takes center stage.

Neroli, green galbanum, cypress and bergamot open, leading the way a heart of radiant orange blossom (a favourite of the Sun King), jasmine and subtly perfumed rose and clove water. 

Powdery and clean orris contrasts with resinous white cedar. The charismatic beginning of a new era.

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