Leather Shot

Orris Leather
Vintage/old school
Top Notes bigarade orange cardamom cumin
Heart black tea driftwood orris (iris root)
Base Notes cedarwood leather sandalwood vetiver


A new project with Bertrand Duchaufour and a landscape artist/photographer Martin Hill.

The same way in which Martin goes to a sight and rearranges what nature left there into an installation, the perfumer rearranged some molecules and materials to put the beauty of a natural material into focus.

Also Martin aims to let his stuctures to be absorbed back into natural chaos. Perfume evaporates into the environment in a similar fashion, beautiful but transient.

In Leather Shot all the focus is on the leather aroma effect (which can be achieved through many combinations of various perfume materials). In this particular perfume it's velvety orris, black tea and a touch of smoky sandalwood that create that dense, dark and heady aroma of suede.

The structure in the image below is a bit like the leather effect in perfumery. It manifests itself on the surface after some aromatic forces have worked their mysterious magic.


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