Anima Dulcis by Arquiste

November 1695 , Mexico City

Anima Dulcis (Latin for ‘sweet soul’) is a reverential scent, paying tribute to the seductive cocoa recipe created in secret by the nuns of the Royal Convent of Jesus Maria.

Opening with earthy notes of sesame seed, cinnamon bark & oregano, Anima Dulcis reveals a heart and soul of deep dark cocoa. A rapturous infusion of chilli, cumin and decadent 'Huele de Noche' (night blooming jasmine). 

Anima Dulcis finishes on a sweet and dry base of Mexican vanilla and cocoa absolute. A sensuous baroque concoction that whispers of divine secrets.

Arquiste's Mexican Baroque candle is based on the Anima Dulcis formula. It's DNA has been tweaked and adapted to work when it is set in hot wax.

Also in the Vanilla et Co. edit and sample pack.