Panorama by Olfactive Studio

Featured in the Roots&Shoots sample pack. 

Also in the Exploring Labdanum Edit and Sample Pack.

For their 7th fragrance, Olfactive Studio have taken inspiration from a photograph of the famous Sheats-Goldstein house in L.A. Built in the 1960s by architect John Lautner the house is built into the hillside, creating a seamless link between the natural environment and a man-made structure.

Panorama opens with an unusual savoury accord of spicy wasabi, creating a hot haze that shimmers over a lush canopy of cut grass, bamboo and lemon.

Bright fig illuminates the densely green undergrowth before fading into a smooth warm base of myrrh and labdanum whilst fir balsam echoes the urban rainforest of the opening notes. 

Panorama, an olfactory view like no other.