PG19 Louanges Profanes

Sweet Precious Resins
Top Notes hawthorn neroli
Heart incense lily
Base Notes benzoin gaiac / guaiac wood gaïac wood

Each ingredient in Louanges Profanes is vested with some symbolic meaning in Christian religion. Neroli is the essence of orange blossom, a flower used for centuries to adorn bride’s hair. Hawthorn was what the Crown of Thorns was woven with. White Lily is a symbol of Mother Mary, pure and innocent. Incense and benzoin were among the gifts that the Magi brought to the baby Jesus. Gaïac wood (Lignum vitae) was what Noa’s ark was built from. The title of the fragrance Louanges Profanes can be translated as praises to God in someone’s own common words (as opposed to reciting religious texts).

How do all these ingredients work together? It’s a deliciously balmy woody fragrance, neroli adds a spicy touch and lily some very gentle floral note.

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