Sweet William

Spicy Carnation
Top Notes cardamom cinnamon white pepper
Heart carnation rose rose essence tobacco ylang-ylang
Base Notes amber iris Italian iris styrax vanilla

      A dedication to gallant times (think Tudor and Holbein) when gentleman bachelors would sit to have a portrait painted. A red carnation would be featured in the painting to hint at the intentions of the model.

     Sweet William is a spicy woody perfume. Pepper, cardamom, cinnamon and tobacco are mixed with a few drops of rosewater, orris butter and a pinch of vanilla. 


The Sniff on Sweet William: "In the heart, [this perfume] really reveals its spicy secrets. There is warm and robust cardamon and cinnamon here which work wonderfully alongside the pepper; the scent starts off almost itchy in the way it feels in the nose (like smelling pepper does) and then gently revolves into warm spices as the scent wears. It’s a beautiful transition that gives a sense of a story evolving as the perfume progresses – it’s the thread that is visible all the way through that ties one phase to the next perfectly."
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