Tara Mantra

by Gri Gri
Bitter Woods
Top Notes cardamom fennel saffron
Heart caraway patchouli
Base Notes jasmine lotus oud

All of Gri Gri perfumes are inspired by some tattoo technique. Tara Mantra is a reference to sacred Buddhist calligraphy on skin when ink becomes continuous mantra prayer. 

The perfume is a dry oud with a salty nuance and lots of bitter herbs or if you go with the concept the tangy aroma of the darkest of inks.


The Sniff on Tara Mantra: "The heart of this perfume is almost the diametric opposite of ‘airy’; it’s a close perfume, curtains drawn, incense-smoke thickening the air, lava lamp in the corner type smell. It’s friends probably ride motorbikes and have chains attached to their wallets. It’s broody and animalistic at times with a musky, dark heart."  Read full review...

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