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And the winners are… In this edit we are sharing perfumes which have been most popular with Bloom’s customers in 2021.

What makes a bestseller? It seems that a recipe for a popular fragrance needs to belong to a familiar comfort zone and yet it needs to have a novel nuance. It could be a subtle, intriguing feature that attracts attention, or it could be the extraordinary quality of some material in the formula. A bestseller also needs to be harmonious, and made from materials that correspond to the price.

Some perfumes in this edit have held their champion status for a few years now: the mysterious incense, a stunning symphonic chypre as well as one of a kind fresh number. The new entries include romantic smoky vanilla and elegant oud perfumes.

Memoirs of a Trespasser Imaginary Authors A classy vanilla

A classy vanilla which dethroned last year’s vanilla hit. Memoirs of a Trespasser is a subtle, yet very diffusive perfume radiating the most delicious ambiance around the wearer. Add to that a wonderful story of a trespasser logging in the past adventures by the fireplace with a glass of cognac and you have a bestseller that has held its status for many years.

Salted Green Mango Strangers Parfumerie Non-clichéd fresh

An exercise in fresh, but from an outsider's perspective. The perfumer is from Thailand and in this popular formula, he tries new ideas such as mixing sour green mango with green chillies.

Bee Zoologist Sensory indulgence

Bee is pure sensory indulgence chosen by many during this bleak year. Bee is nuanced, sweet, relaxing and fascinating. It belongs to the familiar sweet gourmands theme but offers a novel interpretation – we leave the clichéd patisserie or a candy shop and travel all the way back to a country apiary.

Rasputin SweDoft Sexy and mystical incense

An excellently rich and balanced incense with a finish only possible in the world of niche perfume. Swedoft blends these exquisite materials (including natural oud oil), plunging the container with the macerating perfume juice to the bottom of the Oresund Strait. After 90 days, the water pressure in the dark, glacial sea produces unique results, flawlessly combining the ingredients to fuse the formula.

Entre Ciel et Mer Pierre Guillaume Cruise/Croisiere Immersive being by the sea effect

Volcano CARNER Opulent incense

Oliban Phaedon Paris Delicate and cozy woods for everyday

Oud Imperial Perris Monte Carlo An excellent versatile oud

An excellent versatile oud free from the somewhat challenging fermented wood nuance (reminiscent of moldy cheese, praised by connoisseurs but not the wider audience). It’s rather rich, deep and elegant.