Cashmeran: the Autumn Molecule theme

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Cashmeran is a slightly unusual but incredibly distinctive ingredient that is very widely used in perfumery - both for the way it smells and the way it exalts and affects a blend. Also called musk indanone, Cashmeran is a lot of the time referred to as ‘blond woods’ by perfumers because it has a very velvetine and rich quality to it; but it also smells sharp, woody and clean.

It’s essentially a spicy musky woody note but the ingredient’s tendrils can be found across all manners of cosmetic products because its dry, amberish heart adds depth to floral compositions so wonderfully. In modern perfumery it’s often used to smooth base notes and help heavier wood molecules gel properly with some of the more heady and animalic musk notes but what’s really fantastical and unique about it, is the effect it can provide. Cashmeran can turn linear compositions into widescreen productions thanks to its menagerie of coniferous and woody aspects and it’s trademark floral-fruity-musky tonality.

Monsieur Pierre Guillaume Black Collection Exalted earth & woods

In Monsieur the inclusion of cashmeran helps elevate what would otherwise be a blend of incredibly heavy and linear molecules. Yes, the scent profile of Monsieur can be defined relatively simply as ‘ultrawoods’ but the cashmeran gives lift and life to those denser, earthier smells.

PG10 Aomassaï Pierre Guillaume - Parfumerie Générale Caramel nut wood

Cashmeran’s exaltive properties work wonderfully in PG10 helping to give the more gourmand aspects (the caramel, coffee, hazelnut and licorice notes) longevity without any of them becoming the overarching focus of the perfume. The cashmeran is not in here so much for it’s particular smell, it’s included for its brightening effect..

Fleur de Foudre (Discontinued) Pierre Guillaume Cruise/Croisiere Cashmeran & Champaca

Foudre is a perfume that embraces the somewhat bizarrely metallic scent profile of cashmeran. Sure, the diffusive tendencies and the musk like characteristics help the perfume to perform, but a big part of the way the juice actually smells is down to the blend of black tea, champaca and… you guessed it, cashmeran.

903 Le Privé Bon Parfumeur Terracotta walls imbued with spices from the market

Dragonfly (2021) Zoologist The effect of hot humid air over an overgrown pond

Patchouli Intense Molinard Cashmeran revealing the earthy potential of patchouli